Higher sales and happier customers

Making your business a valued source of product information will drive sales increases margins and improves customer satisfaction.

Profit from better product content

Better product content lowers costs of marketing, returns and customer services. All leading to higher profit and investment in growth.

Low effort for you and your suppliers

Customers need product images, specifications and descriptions. You need this information from suppliers in your format. It's again for everyone. SKUcapture makes it easier.

No two businesses are the same. SKUcapture is designed around the way you work.

The SKUcapture service is designed around your requirements and
business processes and includes some or all of:

Define your process and product content requirements

A dedicated page to explain the process to your suppliers

Proactively sourcing product content from your vendors

Content QA and improvement to bring up to standard

Track progress and manage content in a cloud based PIM

Feed images and data to your systems via API or CSV

Release your team
to drive sales

Your team is best employed improving the online experience and serving customers to drive conversion and sales, not by drowning in emails and spreadsheet to gather content from your vendors.

SKUcapture complements your business process, freeing up your team’s time to focus on high value activity.

Making life easier
for everyone

Your suppliers have to complete spreadsheets for many different customers. But they often don’t have the capability and time needed to provide product content to the standard retailers need for online.

SKUcapture gives your suppliers support in meeting your standards, meaning there’s no excuse for poor product content.