If you are about to range a new product with Coles, or just need to update content for an existing product, use one of these options to easily update your products’ details on the Coles web site.

Simple Form

Use this simple form to quickly provide your product information.

Any changes to a product mean the data needs to be re-entered.

Your content cannot be re-shared with other retailers using this process.

Get a SKUlibrary account

With a SKUlibrary account you can edit  products and resubmit them with ease.

It’s the easiest option if you have multiple products and have little time.

Delivers the same content to other retailers, driving sales whilst saving time and effort.

What is required?

  • Ingredients list
  • Nutritional information
  • Product claims for dietary, allergen, lifestyle
  • Country of origin
  • One e-commerce quality image to the standard outlined below
Optional information
  • Brand messaging
  • Features and benefits
  • Additional images
  • Content for non food products
  • Preparation, usage, warning messages.
Image requirements
  • 1000×1000 pixels minimum
  • White background
  • Front pack shot (not 3D)
  • The product fills the canvas with 5-10px border
  • Named as [SELLID].jpg
  • 300dpi minimum
  • JPG format
  • Any photography service can be used to produce images to the required standard