Kmart Bulk Upload

To have content uploaded in bulk for products you have previously submitted to Kmart, please fill out the below form.

Requirements for submission:

  • Download this spreadsheet and populate with the relevant data for your products.
  • Attach the completed spreadsheet to the form on this page.
  • Provide a download link to the images for your products e.g. Dropbox, WeTransfer etc.

Please provide images to the below specifications:

  • Name to the product’s Keycode or EAN / APN e.g. 987654321.jpg
  • If providing more than one image per product, include the image order in the name e.g. 987654321-1.jpg, 987654321-2.jpg etc.
  • JPG format
  • 1000px minimum
  • One link for all images (not individual links per product)
  • Ensure images are not within different folders within the link

Please note, if the provided files do not meet the above specifications, they will be rejected and you will be asked to resupply.

For further SKUlibrary support, please contact