Use SKUlibrary to manage your product content on Coles


SKUlibrary is the perfect solution to improve your presence on digital channels, drive sales up, costs down and make life easier.

Fill in the form below for a SKUlibrary account to load your product content onto Coles online.

The SKUlibrary product content platform is used by many vendors to syndicate content to their retail partners.

An account enables you to edit your products after submission, provides lots of other useful functionality and enables you to share your product information with other retailers.

Advantages of the SKUlibrary platform

  • Content on SKUlibrary is updated to Coles online
  • No more entering personal details when you create a product
  • Very easy to use with rapid product creation, search, browse and other features
  • Editing content is so easy the whole business can do it
  • Email product content and images to your team and Coles buyers with ease, without needing file sharing programs
  • Add richer content to the Coles web site including HTML, 360 spins, video
  • Easy to feed the images into Coles catalogue when required
  • Access to competitor product images and information
  • Access to new SKUlibrary functionality as it is developed


Please click here to download a template to provide us with the products you want to upload.

SKUcapture is a service provided by SKUvantage, Australia’s leading product content solutions provided.

For further information, please fill in the form, or call us on 02 8484 0345.

Loading video onto Coles online

We are hoping that shortly, SKUvantage can load video for your products onto the Coles online site, whilst verifying these meet the Coles’ guidelines. These help drive conversion for your products and support a digital marketing campaign or new product launch

For more information, contact SKUvantage using the details above.

360 Spins

Coles online can currently only show one image for each product, and there are limited set of attributes. 360 spins put the product in the customers digital hand, easily communicating all the information on the packaging.

SKUvantage can cost effectively create these spins for use on any digital platform and load these onto Coles online. Contact SKUvantage above for more information.